About The Book

This is the most popular and acceptable Urdu Shrah of Sahih Bukhari among the scholars and students of hadith. Actually, this shrah has been prepared by the students of Darul Uloom Karachi by hearing from the recordings.

Mufti Taqi Usmani appreciated this Shrah saying that "first time I took this book in order to cast a short glance on it but I continued to read till I finished. During studying this Sharh I could see that this is indeed a Shrah which has included in itself other great Sharh of Sahih Bukhari I kept in my study during giving Dars at Darul Uloom (Fathul Bari, Umdatul Qari, Shrah Ibn Battal, Faidhul Bari, Lami' al-Durariyy & Faidhul Bari)."

It is not exaggeration to say that this Shrah is over the all Shuruhaat ever written in Urdu till date.

Kashful Baari (20 Volume Set) کشف الباری شرح اردو بخاری مکمل ٢٠/جلدیں