Bahr al-Uloom,Shaykh al-Hadees Mawlana Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri RA.(2 July 1965- 7 November 2019)


Shaykh Mawlana Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri (rh) was an Islamic Scholar.

He was a senior Professor at Darul Uloom waqf deoband and Shaykh al-Hadees at Jamia Zia ul Uloom Poonch, Jammu & Kashmir.

He was editor of monthly magazines Nida-e-Darul Uloom waqf and Fikr-o-Nazar (Jamia Zia ul Uloom,Poonch) for several years.

Mawlana(rh) left about 40 books, dozens of theses and thousands of articles as scholarly monuments.

He was an exemplary and unprecedented personality of this era. He was a flower whose  fragrance could be smelt after his departure from this mortal world. What he has for entire Ulama community in terms of education is pretty enough to remember him and his selfless services. He was one of the rarest personalities of this era who dared to write an explanation and elaboration on the work of Imam Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi.

He penned down several books on different topics. He was God-gifted and veteran scholars who almost covered all the spheres of Islamic education field. He possessed sharp intellect.

He spent his noble and beautiful life in studying, teaching, lecturing, addressing the gathering of masses and authoring and compiling precious books on several topics of Islam.

Hazrat Bahr al-Uloom passed away in November 7 on Thursday morning 2019 while chanting the name of Allah, leaving behind thousands of pupils and devotees this great soul departed to the final home to receive from his Almighty Lord the reward of his virtues.

May Allah Almighty grant him an abode in Jannatul Firdaws and accept his life-long service. May Allah Almighty continue to benefit the Ummah through his works and make them a Sadaqah Jariyah for him. Ameen