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Raazi Online is an online store of Maktaba Raazi Deoband which is specifically crafted to cater the needs of people. especially for those who are fond of reading books and have settled in the different places of country and abroad but every book is not available everywhere.  The passion for reading becomes just a hobby and causes a lack of knowledge. On Raazi Online you can book your order online to get all kinds of Islamic books from Maktab Raazi Deoband available in stock.

You can see all the books in catalog or stock details available on Raazi Online.

About Maktaba Raazi Deoband:

Maktab Raazi Deoband is a Bookstore established in Deoband India by Sheikh Mawlana Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri (peace be upon him).

Lots of his books were published by Some other Publishers. He realized that He should publish his books in a unique and beautiful style by his own Bookstore to Avoid lacked quality publishing and contained many academic mistakes.

Maktaba Raazi Deoband has a wide selection of books( Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), biographies and History of Islam) and also Mawlana's personal writings.


This is just a beginning. 

Due to good results, the following items used in your personal life (Prayer mats, Prayer Beads, Hijab, Ihram, Souvenirs, Caps, Perfume (itr) and Miswak etc.) will also be posted on this site.